Monday, 14 February 2011

No more CES, no more pricy gadgets

I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for presenting outrageously pricy gadgets like Motorola Xoom in my previous article. I heard it will cost 800$ with locked wi-fi, which you can unlock only by subscribing to Verizon for at least a month, while the price stays intact!! I hope they do not get away with something like this in Europe. I am quite aware of how much each part of it really costs, while Honeycomb is freer than air, and what Motorola asks
for this is plain ridiculous.

Also, from now on, I will not present or review any device which I deem is not absolutely necessary or is exorbintantly priced. So no Apple products either (perhaps only in some comparative pros & cons reviews).
I will shift my focus on cheap and practical devices, but mostly on scientific breakthroughs that could soon bring about a better quality of life, on both a personal and a global level.

My "Brain-computer Interfaces" and "Let there be light" articles are the most compatible to the new route I will follow article wise. The reason for this change of heart of mine is this brilliant full feature film I post below. I had seen the first two Zeitgeist films and had been excited by their ideas, but I somehow failed to understand how the solutions to the current global mess Zeitgeist : Addendum proposed could be practically implemented.

The third part of the trilogy gave me these answers I seeked. You should watch this even if you have not seen the first two, it is semi-autonomus. But if you ignore Zeitgeist films let me warn you; this film will turn the way you view the world upside down. You will feel that all these years you were inside a cocoon and all of a sudden you became a butterfly...

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

CES 2011 - Tablets, tablets, more tablets!

CES 2011 was completed a few weeks ago, but what was presented there is going to
feed the constantly starving tech and gadget worms of the globe for almost the whole year.
Most of the devices have not even been released yet.
Acer's Picasso was a cute random pick, but nothing really fancy.
Today I will present the one that allegedly was the hottest device of the show.
Motorola's Xoom is the very first tablet to boast the highly anticipated Android 3.0 mobile OS,
aka Honeycomb.
Google made a cute 90" clip to tease us about the upcoming Honeycomb experience.
It is certainly worth giving it a look.

The 10.1" Xoom tablet could signal Motorola's revival from a downward spiral many predicted would never recover. According to the CNET reporter from
the following 2' video as many as fifty tablets were shown off at CES 2011.
Yet only Xoom sported Honeycomb, due to a temporary exclusivity agreement between Google and Motorola.
It is currently unknown how many of those tablets will be able to be upgraded to Honeycomb.
Even for those that are "Honeycomb ready" it is also unknown if they will fully support
all of its features, so currently Xoom is the only safe bet.

Xoom' specs are awesome, easily blowing iPad out of the water.
For starters an amazing 1200x800 resolution, dual core 1 Ghz CPU, 1080p support
through mini HDMI, 4G(LTE) upgradable and a reported 10 hour video playback battery capacity!

Furthermore it is super sexy, congrats to the exterior design team
(yeap, glossy screen again though...) :

image sources : engadget

So how much will it cost and when will it hit the e-tail and retail shelves?
Motorola has not announced any prices yet but I expect it to be around 50 to 100$
cheaper than premium iPads (of course I mean retail, contract-free prices).
The release is expected within the first quarter of  '11 in the States,
possibly a bit later in Europe and Asia.

This fine lady will tell you what else you need to know for now about Xoom.
Notice whenever she swings it towards the light sources how its screen turns into a...mirror.
And she is inside the building, imagine what would happen outside.

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